Three size of hats- small, medium and large- are stored in four sealed bixes. For each of the three sizes of hats, there are exactly three boxes that contain that size. Four labels accurately reflecting the contents of the boxes were prepared. However, only two of the labels were placed on the correct boxes and the other two labels were placed on the worng boxes. As a result, the boxes are labeled as follows:

Box 1 - small and medium

Box 2 - small and large

Box 3 - medium and large

Box 4 - small, medium and large


If the box 3 actually contains no small hats, which of the following must be true?

  1. a.

    Box 3 is correctly labeled

  2. b.

    Box 1 contains no small hats

  3. c.

    Box 2 contains no medium-size hats

  4. d.

    Box 1 is correctly labeled

  5. e.

    Box 1 is correctly labeled

Answer: a

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