Question: As any economist knows, healtyh people pose less of an economic burden to socity than unhealthy people. Not surprisingly, then, every rupee Indian government spends on prenatal care for undocumented immigrants will save taxpayers of India at least from that burden. Which of the following,if true, would best explain why the statistics cited above are not surprising?

  1. a.
    The taxpayers of India pay for prenatal care of all immigrants.
  2. b.
    Babies born in India to undocumented immigrant parents are entitled to infant care benefits from ths central government.
  3. c.
    India benefites from prenatal care given to promote undocumented immigration.
  4. d.
    Babies whose mothere did not receive prenatal care are just healthy as other babies.
  5. e.
    Pregnant women who do not receive prenatal care are more likely to experience health problems than other pregnant women.
Answer: c

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